Bringing together Midwest Alpinists, Climbers, & Outdoor Athletes since 1940 

Chicago Mountaineering Club

The Chicago Mountaineering Club was founded in 1940 to promote interest in the sport and craft of climbing and mountaineering.

The CMC fosters fellowship among climbers / mountaineers of Chicago and the Midwest by disseminating alpine mountaineering knowledge, developing skills in natural rock and ice climbing techniques, and sponsoring both local and out-of-state outings.


Climbing Safety & Mentorship

Through our frequent outings, events, and community partner engagements, the CMC is developing the skill sets necessary for the next generation of Midwest climbers and alpinists to succeed in their personal goals! Whether you are just getting started in the indoor gym, or already leading 5.12 trad on natural rock, you will find peers in the CMC to help you grow as a climber.

Community & Fellowship

Midwest Climbers are a rare breed, that's why we stick together! Our club is hundreds of members strong. Collectively we form a lasting community with robust relationships. Come join us, both on the trail, and around the campfire.

Outings & EXpeditions

Since 1940, Chicago Mountaineering Club members have been putting up new routes across the globe. You'll find our footprints on U.S. alpine routes in the Tetons, the Cascades, big walls in Yosemite, and the vast mountain ranges of Alaska, but also S. America, Europe, and Asia. CMC members have left their mark near and far. We welcome adventurers of all backgrounds and abilities, no matter how ambitious or humble, you'll find other CMC members that will help  you make that happen.


The CMC knows protecting/maintaining our public lands is critical for our future, and that conservation starts at home, with each of us. That's why we actively support the Access Fund, the Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal, and volunteer in local conservation initiatives. We work to protect and even expand our public lands, so that future generations of mountaineers & climbers can enjoy the sport like we do.


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    The CMC has hundreds of members throughout Chicagoland and the Midwest, so finding a partner for adventure is never far away. Non-members of any skill level are welcome to join us on any scheduled calendar outing.

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    Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin is our destination for many of our local, summer outings. Spring and Fall, we frequently climb in Kentucky, Southern IL, and Arkansas. However, we also hold regular outings in the western US.  In winter, you'll find us ice climbing and winter mountaineering.

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    The CMC has private property within the boundary of Devil's Lake State Park, WI, for the regular use of our members and guests during outings.

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    COLORADO Cabin

    As a member of the CMC, you can reserve use of our private cabin just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The summit of Longs Peak can be reached from the cabin.

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    The CMC promotes the sharing of skills, knowledge, and information. While we don't teach classes or conduct workshops, many members have a wealth of experience and are happy to mentor.

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    MEetings & Events

    The CMC is an active organization hosting regular club meetings, local outings, and exciting annual events -occasionally with partner organizations.

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