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General FAQs

The CMC, through an arrangement with the Mountaineering Foundation of Chicago (MFC), manages a five acre campground on property the MFC owns at Devil’s Lake State Park, in Wisconsin.  The fees and regulations for use of this campground are:

  • Camping Fees:
                        Members - $25 annual campground fee; or $10.00 per person/per weekend or any part thereof.
                        Nonmembers - $20 per person per weekend. The camping fee covers both Friday and Saturday nights.
                        Children under 18 years (must be accompanied by parent) - no fee.

NOTE: Members are responsibile to pay camping fees for themselves and their guests to the Outing Chair (or another attending Board Member), at the earliest opportunity. Camping Fees may also be paid on the website if the Outings Chair or a Board Member is not present.

  • On scheduled Public CMC Outing weekends, only members, guests accompanied by members, and nonmembers over age 18 pre-registered to participate in CMC climbing activities, may use the campground. Minor children attending must be closely supervised by and are the responsibility solely of their parents.
  • At any time other than a Public CMC Outing weekend, only CMC members and guests accompanied by members may use the campground.
  • No pets. Out of respect for our other campers and the native wildlife, no pets are allowed in the campground.
  • The possession of firearms, weapons, and fireworks are prohibited.
  • The possession, delivery, or sale of controlled substances, as defined by the State of Wisconsin, is prohibited on the property.
  • All tenting is first come, first choice. Tents must be set up at least 40 feet from the driveway; beyond the parking area. You don't want to get run over in your sleep.
  • Park within 10 feet of the driveway, not at your tent site, and please leave your headlights off after dark.
  • If you come in late, others will already be sleeping. Be respectful when opening and closing car doors and setting up your tent. Quiet hours are anytime after dark. Conversations louder than a whisper should be held at the communal fire-ring only. You don't want to pisss off the people that may be belaying you the next morning.
  • No camping within the group fire-ring area. Duh. You wouldn't be able to sleep there anyway.
  • All refuse must be kept in appropriate containers and removed upon departure. Do not leave food or garbage where animals will get into it.
  • Cutting and/or removing firewood from the campground is prohibited.
  • Electricity and water are NOT available at the campground. Bring water in with you.
  • There are vault toilets on site, with toilet paper provided. Please help keep them clean, and do not put anything that is not organically processed by your body (other than toilet paper) down the hole. They need to be pumped out when full, and trash - of course - clogs the pumps.
  • The town of Baraboo is a ten minute drive away if you have emergency needs or left something at home.
  • No motor homes or camping trailers are allowed. You can sleep in your car if absolutely necessary, but we encourage tent camping. Be respectful of others trying to sleep by not opening and closing doors frequently, using remote features that make audible alerts, or leaving lights on.
  • Fires: We have a large, communal fire-ring for social gathering. Do NOT create additional fires for any use other than cooking, with these guidelines:
                                 a. We encourage you to cook on a portable, self-contained, camp stove or grill.
                                 b. If you must make a fire to cook, please use an established fire pit - do not make new ones. 
                                 c. Cooking fires only! We want to limit after dark social gatherings to the communal fire ring - so others can sleep.
                                 d. Extinguish your cooking fire when you are finished cooking. Fires can not be left unattended.
  • Members must present a current membership card upon request, if they wish to use the campground. The cards are accessible on your CMC Profile online. Internet/cell-phone service at the property is NOT reliable. Download and print it, or store it digitally on your device of choice.
  • No extended camping is allowed. Visits longer than one-week only by prior written permission of the full Board of Directors.
  • Baraboo District Ambulance Service phone number: 855-376-3495. Rope Rescue can also be accessed using this number.
  • There is an extended hours SSM Health Urgent Care facility at 707 14th St., Baraboo, WI 53913. 608-356-1400       

Anyone can become a member of the Chicago Mountaineering Club.

Requirements – To become a member you must first participate in three outings, or the Western outing. In addition you will need two current members to sponsor your membership. Don't worry about finding sponsorship; after the outings the only problem should be narrowing it down to just two. On any given outing weekend there are a wide range of climbers from 18 to 81, climbing 5.2 to 5.13, all having a great time together.

 – Not yet, the applications need to be approved by the Board and read to the members at the next General Meeting (monthly from September to May). Just speak to a member and they can explain the process. It is easier than it sounds.

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